Matt Engarde (nickel_samurai) wrote in pf_discuss,
Matt Engarde

Pointin' Fingers Application

Welcome to Pointin' Fingers Application Page!

A few things to remember before you continue:
1. You can play any unclaimed Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice character or an original character.
1a. You may not play any alternative version of characters except for young Apollo Justice characters.
1b. You may apply for an original character only if you have applied for and played a canon character successfully.
2. There is a mandatory one month waiting period between applying for characters.
3. New applicants will be required to have a mini-interview with a mod before being accepted.
4. You may play a maximum of two characters at any one time.

Now on to the app!

***Copy and Paste this in the comment area!***

***Once you are approved, please create a journal AND aim screen name and post this in REPLY to the "Approved!" comment!***

Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to contact either sun_smiles (aim- thenickelsamurai) or oxymoronic3 (aim- feyrae3) at anytime! We are always more than happy to help!
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