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Pointin' Fingers Application

Welcome to Pointin' Fingers Application Page!

A few things to remember before you continue:
1. You can play any unclaimed Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice character or an original character.
1a. You may not play any alternative version of characters except for young Apollo Justice characters.
1b. You may apply for an original character only if you have applied for and played a canon character successfully.
2. There is a mandatory one month waiting period between applying for characters.
3. New applicants will be required to have a mini-interview with a mod before being accepted.
4. You may play a maximum of two characters at any one time.

Now on to the app!

***Copy and Paste this in the comment area!***

***Once you are approved, please create a journal AND aim screen name and post this in REPLY to the "Approved!" comment!***

Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to contact either sun_smiles (aim- thenickelsamurai) or oxymoronic3 (aim- feyrae3) at anytime! We are always more than happy to help!
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Player Information

Player Name/Handle: Anh-Thu, just call me Sparow~
Player LJ: ellescene
Player AIM/Hotmail (if applicable): Neko Charat or Leroux Mode
Player's past experiences in RPs: Not including personal OC RPs with friends over AIM, my earliest experiences started off in Sailor Moon RPs. The two I remember were called Sailor Moon: Alternate, and Missing Shard. The first one has long been dead, but the second is still around. Holy geez. I was accepted into a Digimon RP once, but it died before we could do any RPing at all. Then I was accepted into a Outlaw Star RP, where I withered into inactiveness. Then I was part of a Love Hina RP called Hinata Sou Inn, which was run by a group of friends. I've also RPed on an online game called Ragnarok Online. Oh, and a PW RP, what was it called? Something like Fingers Pointing.
Player's experience of PW (First game, second game, third game, fourth game, or all three?): All four, silly mods!
Player's Age: ...20 *mumblegrumble*

Part 2


August 18 2008, 20:03:04 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  August 18 2008, 20:03:31 UTC

Character Information

Character's Name: Maya Fey

Character's Age: 18

Character's Appearance: Maya is a rather short individual, standing only at about 5' (not including her sandals). She has blue-grey eyes and long, black, straight-cut hair which she styles into a fishtail, with a topknot and three purple hair baubles, a style she's kept since she was a child. Her innocent face and big, wide eyes make her look younger than she actually is, and despite her unusually large intake of burgers (or any other food, for that matter) day in and day out, Maya manages to maintain an average build. She is by no means as curvy as her older sister, Mia, but she definitely retains a healthy bit of meat on her bones. She's usually seen wearing her Kurain acolyte attire, which consists of a short lavender yukata, a purple outer robe, a purple obi, and black, foam, one-inch-high sandals. She also wears a magatama—a special Kurain charm shaped like a "9"—around her neck like a necklace.

Character's History: Born into the prestigeous Fey family of Kurain Village, Maya was exposed to spirit channeling at a very young age. Her mother, Misty Fey, was head of the Fey Clan and Master to the Kurain Channeling Technique, and her father passed away shortly after she was born. Out of all her immediate family members, Maya was closest to her older sister, Mia, who often helped her clean up the messes she'd unwittingly get herself into (sound like someone else we know?).

At the tender age of two, Maya's mother disappeared from Kurain Village after the fated DL-6 case and no one has heard a word from her since. Several years later, Mia followed suit to pursue a law career in Los Angeles. Maya was left in the care of the village elders and her Aunt Morgan. She remained in the village to continue her training, occasionally going out into the city to visit her sister at her law firm, where she soon discovered her love for burgers and television.

One day, Maya received a call from Mia, who asked her to come collect a piece of evidence for her. When she arrived, Mia was dead in her office from a blow to the head. Maya was devastated, and to make matters worse, she was placed under custody for the murder of her sister, but with the help of Phoenix Wright, she was acquitted for the charges. Ever since that fateful encounter, she has grown attached to Phoenix (who she dubs Nick) and sticks by his side in order to help him when she can. They've gotten through some sticky situations together (including a case where Maya was framed for another murder by her very own Aunt Morgan) but they've always managed to come out on top. Every once in a while, Maya returns to Kurain to further her studies and training, but always comes back to help out Nick when he needs her.

Maya now holds the same closeness with her cousin, Pearl, as she did with her sister. Like Mia did with her, Maya shares many of her stories and experiences with Pearl, and the two of them are practically inseperable at times. After the incident with Morgan, Maya strives to be as much of a mother to Pearl as she can be.

To this day, Maya's spiritual powers remain somewhat underdeveloped. Though she has proven to be quite useful in the courtroom, channeling the spirit of her older sister in times of need, she has yet to fully tap into her full potential. Despite her young age and still-developing medium powers, Maya does not seem particularly bothered or stressed about becoming the heiress to the Fey family.
Character's Personality: Friendly, loyal, cheerful, and tenacious to a fault, Maya retains almost none of the traditional characteristics her clothing exudes. She is every bit the modern teenager as the next girl, something that her older sister may have influenced. Her use of a cellphone and her love for a certain children's television show can account to that.

At times, Maya can be rather naive and childish. Though she is ever-loyal to her friends and family, she isn't exactly the brightest light bulb in the box, and she is known for making ignorant remarks about the most serious subjects. Still, her perpetual optimism makes up for it. If you're in need of your own personal cheerleader, no one can do it better than Maya.

Maya does not just like food. She loves food. If her body was considered a temple, then she'd give all her consumables sanctuary from inside. Quickly. And very happily. She particularly enjoys eating hamburgers the most, an American delicacy her home village is absolutely foreign to, but she is not biased against other foods, such as hot dogs, pretzels, chocolate, french fries, steak, fried chicken, and tacos. Basically any sort of fast food with a million calories in each bite.

With the death of her sister and a growing knowledge of spirit channeling, Maya has become quite desensitized from the weight of death, almost inhumanly so. Maya has realized that there is "life" beyond physical death and therefore has a greater degree of acceptance than most people her age. That is not to say that she does not feel sadness in death; deep down, Mia's murder will always bring back unwelcome memories, but she finds solace in knowing her sister is still watching over her (and Nick!) to this very day.
RPing Samples

RP Sample:
Maya remembered the first time she explained what a burger was to the kids of Kurain.

She'd just arrived back from another visit to her sister. Pearl was barely four at the time, and she and two of her friends ran to the gates to meet their senior. Maya came back with gifts of course, she always did; a colorful pinwheel for Lina, a pucca shell bracelet for Jenny, and a new, shiny Steel Samurai ball for Pearl. She was in the middle of telling them her trip down the boardwalk with her sister, when Pearl suddenly asked her a jarring question.

"Mystic Maya, what's a 'burger?'"

She was quiet for a while. The incredulous look on her face was unmistakable. "Wow! I can't believe I've never told you guys what a burger is!"

"So what is it?" Pearl asked again. "Is it a really nice toy? Like a big bouncy ball?"

Maya couldn't help but laugh. "No, no, no, a burger isn't a toy, but it is the best thing ever! It's a big half-pound, juicy beef patty, topped with melted American cheese, crisp lettuce, succulent slices of tomato, and lots of ketchup and mustard, all between two toasted buns!"

The moment she said the word "buns," Jenny began to giggle. Pearl and Lina still looked confused. Maya sighed and tapped her cheek. She supposed a burger was a hard thing to explain to a couple little girls who did not have the same culinary imagination as she did.

"Okay, it's like this. First you start out with this round and soft flat thing. Then you take another round flat thing, but this one's brown and you put it on top. Sometimes you can put a slice of cheese on it, and it's this yellow melty stuff, and sometimes you can put on cold red discs or wiggly thin green pieces and top it off with sticky red and yellow stuff. And then you put the same thing you had at the bottom at the top and you have a burger!"

The children exchanged glances, still bordering between comprehension and confusion, before looks of recognition shined in their eyes. "Oh, okay, we got it!" they said, before running off elsewhere. She let them go and she could only think about burgers the rest of the day.

So when she arrived back to her room, she was very surprised to see a stacked mess of something next to her futon. She stared at it. Then she poked it. It toppled over and she could make out what it was made of.

At the bottom there was one of the temple's round sitting cushions, followed by a packed cake of dirt, shaped like a flat circle it seemed. That was topped off with melted candle wax (which had hardened by now), along with a couple red discs she recognized as tiddlywinks, and several scattered blades of grass. Slathered on top were strings of red modeling clay and yellow paint, and another one of the sitting cushions.

Next to the mess, there was a note.

"deer mistik maya, we noe yuu relly lyke the sity, so we thot yuu mite lyke this berger. luv, pearl jenny and lina"


You are accepted!
Congrats~ ♥

Journal: mayaway
AIM: Leroux Mode