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Rules and Guidelines Restructuring

Rules and Guidelines

- Applying -

1. You can play any unclaimed Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice character or an original character.
1a. You may not play any alternative version of characters except for young Apollo Justice characters.
1b. You may apply for an original character only if you have applied for and played a canon character successfully.
2. There is a mandatory one month waiting period between applying for characters.
3. New applicants will be required to have a mini-interview with a mod before being accepted.
4. You may play a maximum of two characters at any one time.

- Playing Mechanics -

1. You must have at least one post in your character journal to allow for other characters or mods to leave you messages.
2. Proper English is required for prose. Dialogue may be written to approximate a characters speech patterns, but please make sure it is still legible.
3. You are required to post at least once a week unless you have notified the mods of a hiatus.
4. You may use an AIM account or our alternative chat (see below) to roleplay. Please record and post links to these logs in your bi-weekly check-in.

- Creating Drama -

1. Please keep the drama between the characters only. Players creating problems for other players may be removed from the roleplay.
2. You may point fingers, spread gossip or otherwise create drama 'anonymously' but it must be done through your character's account.
3. While we prefer that you negotiate drama with other players before you initiate a storyline, it's not entirely necessary as players can maneuver their characters out of a story.
4. Only moderators can 'godmod' (and then only when absolutely necessary.) You may NOT play another players character(s) unless they have given you express permission.

- Trials -

1. If you have a storyline that must go to trial, please contact the mods.
2. You will need a detective, witnesses, evidence, a defense lawyer, a prosecutor and a judge to go to trial.
2a. If you cannot recruit all of the above from player characters, the mods will provide 'stock' characters to assist you.
3. The trial thread is treated like a courtroom. The judge will moderate play and characters must behave appropriately or risk being held in contempt.

- Bi-Weekly Check-ins-

1. Every bi-week there will be a 'check-in' thread.
1a. You must reply to the check-in thread with a mini-summary (a few sentences) of what your character did in the prior weeks.
1b. Please include links to any relevant threads or chat logs.
2. If you miss two check-ins in a row, you will be considered inactive and your character will be placed back in the applicant pool.
2a. You will not be removed if you give prior notice of a hiatus.
2b. If you must be on hiatus for more than two check-ins, please consider allowing your character to lapse.

- Dropping A Character -

1. Please give the mods a week's notice of your intent to drop a character via the applications thread.
2. Please make an effort to finish up existing storylines before dropping a character.
3. If it is an unplanned drop (real life emergencies, etc) disregard the above.

- Alternative Chat -

1. We have an alternative chat! If you don't want, like or have AIM, you can arrange to do a real-time roleplay session in our Flash Chat.
2. To enter the chat room, you must register a username. You do not need to fill out the entire profile, although it may be useful.
3. Once you have a username, you can enter the chat via at any time.
4. Please be respectful in the chat!

- Other-

1. Please apply to and friend the pf_discuss community. This is where OOC issues and debate should go.
2. Please do not hesitate to contact the mods with any questions.

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